Elden Ring board game conquers Kickstarter, the campaign is a success

In just a few hours Steamforged Games has achieved the goal set for the campaign.

Countryside Kickstarters dedicated to the board game of Elden Ring it turned out to be a great success. Steamforged Games offers a new experience set in the Interregnum, the support of users was felt right away: in just two hours about 1 milliona few days after the launch of the campaign, the dizzying figure reached is $12,051,990 on alone $181,635 requested by Steamforged Games! It goes without saying that the amount and supporters of the project are constantly increasing and the dedicated Kickstarter campaign will be closed in eight days.

The game mainly covers Limgrave with Margit The Omen Relentless as the main boss: the success of the campaign Kickstarters is due to the expansions present where we will also be able to explore the Wailing Peninsula and the Grand Castle Coming Storm as standalone expansions. Therefore, players will be able to choose whether to combine the expansions with the main campaign or choose one in particular.

Elden Ring The Board Gamyself it features a maximum of four players and promises a single session of 120+ minutes. Players will therefore be able to choose whether to experience the adventure in a team or alone thanks to a unique combat system where the use of dice is not foreseen.

The battle system of the Elden Ring board game will be based on cards.

Players will be rewarded or punished for their choices and there will be two decks of cards: one for actions, the other for damage and effects. Also for the villains there is a third deck for actions: this will allow players to plan the next move.

Going forward with the exploration it will be possible to build the map that will reveal new places to discover, resources and the inevitable NPCs to interact with and enemies to fight against. Just like the video game, the Statues of Marika encountered along the way will give an extra life, while reaching the places of Grace health will be restored, but of course enemies will come back to life.

The board game of Elden Ring signed Steamforged Games in a short time has managed to capture the attention of all lovers of video games developed by FromSoftware who are obviously looking forward to once again returning to the Interregnum.

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