Elden Ring: a mod is coming that facilitates cooperative play

You like the idea of ​​wandering around the Interregnum in company, but badly digested all restrictions that From Software requires cooperative play of Elden Ring? Well, know that how in other respects of the title the community of modders comes to your rescue. LukeYuialready creator of the Blue Sentinel mod for Dark Souls 3, has in fact made it known that his mod Seamless Coop is about to enter the open beta phase, to be precise the next one May 27, when it will be published on Nexus Mods. Are you curious to know what it entails? There is a handy explanatory trailer.

LukeYui has also clarified various details about this mod for Elden Ring, which he will support up to four players. For one thing, dying won’t send you back to your world – you can continue to watch other players do it, and you’ll come back to life the next time a site of grace is reached. Installing it won’t put you at risk of being banned, as Seamless Coop doesn’t use From Software’s game servers. The progression will be shared among all players, and each of them will get the various rewards, for example from bosses or chests. And, perhaps the most important detail for those who want to spend some quiet time, there will be no invasions; However, if you are feeling particularly brawling, PvP between players in the match can still be enabled.

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