Elden Ring, a mod introduces a Diablo-like loot system

A new mod of Elden Ring introduces a weapon and item loot system that incorporates the mechanics made famous by the Diablo series. Thanks to this fan-made contribution, players who have already completed the adventure of FromSoftware’s title can start over with a very different approach.

The user Cornflake Rush shared his work, still in progress, on the well-known site NexusMods. Thanks to its expansion, travel to the Interregnum can take advantage of the randomized equipment recovery system seen in Diablo, with randomized weapons, armor and items with randomized stats and unique effects.

Diablo Style Loot adds a large amount of random loot to Elden Ring, with items that are dropped by enemies and found in the game world, with the idea that rather than finding a weapon and fully upgrading it, the player is encouraged to eliminate enemies in hopes of dropping them one of the many, many, many possible weapons and armor parts they have to enhance his build.

Each item introduced into the game will have a different value rarity which will be directly linked to its effectiveness, its statistics, bonuses and maluses. The modder’s idea is certainly interesting and player feedback can help make it more defined and effective.

If you are interested in the download you can find all the indications on the mod page. Meanwhile Elden Ring broke all records and became the most GOTY winning game ever.