Elden Ring, a mod allows you to clash Malenia with the other bosses of the game

After the announcement a few days ago in which a player had managed to defeat Malenia a thousand times, we return to talk about Elden Ring and the aforementioned boss, but in this case, it is something different. In fact, a mod has appeared on the net that allows you to collide Malenia with other bosses in the game to ascertain whether or not she is the strongest of the whole Interregnum.

As shown in the video at the end of the article, the YouTuber Garden of Eyes succeeded in this feat thanks to the development of a mod. The YouTuber in question is already famous in the industry for being able to mod the evocation of Let Me Solo Her (the player he recently managed to defeat Malenia a thousand times) and for being able to implement the first person in another title FromSoftware: Bloodborne.

Is Malenia the strongest boss of Elden Ring? According to one mod it would be

The video uploaded by the YouTuber in the past few hours is full of spoilers regarding Elden Ring, so we invite you to view it only if you have finished the game or if you do not mind having a preview of the title in question. However, as you can see from the video, Garden of Eyes managed to make fight Malenia against ben twenty-five bosses.

The feelings of the fans that Malenia is both the strongest boss seem to be fundamental, as, also other bosses that the players have found difficult to face, towards Malenia, seem to be normal enemies. Boss like Tree Sentinel And Soldier of Godrickfor example, are defeated in very few hits (if not a single one) by the incredible warrior who inhabits the lands of interregnum.