Eidos worked on another version

Final Fantasy XV, a title released in 2016 and developed by Square Enixit could have been better than it was, according to a former Eidos art director. Yes, because the Canadian software house was working on the title that was able to sell 8 million copies in two years.

AND, according to what was declared to the True Achievements portal by Jonathan Jacque-Belletête, as former art director of Eidos said, the version that he and his colleagues were making was very interesting and, according to them, better than the one made by Japanese colleagues.

These are his words:

Eidos Montréal has given new luster to the Deus Ex series. I worked as the art director, in particular, of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Then I was the executive art director of Mankind Divided. We later attempted to develop Final Fantasy XV, but they decided to bring the development back to Japan. I think it was a big mistake, but it’s the truth. Our version was really great.

Unfortunately Jacque-Belletête did not add any other detailsbut from what he said you can easily guess that, at least according to him, the “westernized” version of Final Fantasy XV made by Eidos was much superior to that made by Square Enix.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, his words remain, even if taking a look at the release dates of the titles mentioned by the artistic director in the course of his short interview, they turn out to be true. The version is, of course, lost and this can only increase the regret of what could have been and was not.

Also because, let’s face it, the penultimate title of the main series (the next one will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5 in the next few years) born from the genius of Hironobu Sakaguchu it was however a great success both for the public and for videogame criticsto.