eFootball 2023, the 2.2.0 patch will introduce the “World Cup” and the Match Pass

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Continue the path of updating and improvement for eFootballthe football simulation heir to Pro Evolution Soccer. After the disastrous launch, Konami has repeatedly touched his free-to-play sports. The next major update will arrive on November 16th with patch 2.2.0confirmed on Twitter by the official account, which will be followed closely by the debut of Season 2 “The Football Festival“.

eFootball 2023: the news of Season 2

The new season will bring on the virtual fields of eFootball 2023 all the excitement of the upcoming soccer world championship. For a limited time, in mode Test match it will be possible to select one of forty national teams from all over the world, obviously including Italy. Console users will also be able to play 2v2 matches offline, while the queen mode will be there International Cup Experience. It is basically a parallel tournament to the FIFA World Cup, of which eFootball does not have the rights, in which we will be able to lead our national team or one of our choice from the group stage to the possible final victory.

That’s not all, because every week they will be proposed Challenge events always focused on national teams. The challenge element arises from the fact that these events will require you to build a team, for example, with players of certain nationalities, or without exceeding a certain overall Strength value.

There will always be a weekly management of the so-called National heroes, which is an update of the statistics of the players of the national teams based on their performance: on Monday the national talents will be presented with a distinctive theme, while on Thursday the most deserving players will become available and will also be boosted in the game. Thursday will also be the day when new ones will be released Player Cards epic type, with a special design to recreate the faces and performances of the best players of the present and past.

Finally, the update will introduce the Match pass, a reward system that allows you to get rewards for completing a certain number of games. Rewards include targeted contracts, Training Programs and other in-game items to help you sign and develop new players. The normal Match Pass will be available to everyone at no extra cost, while i Extra Match Pass And Premium Match Pass require an in-game purchase with eFootball Coins, but give access to better rewards.