eFootball 2022 will be offline for 4 days ahead of Season 2

Konami announces a long maintenance for the game.

The official Twitter account of eFootball has posted a new message informing players that a new game updateaimed at kicking off the wait second season of the title free to play. But this new update, which will bring the software to the version 1.1.0 it will also involve a decidedly negative and not very positive aspect for the players: it will make the title offline for good four days.

This means that during this period of inactivity, only the “test match“Offline of eFootballwhich we recall offers players a limited selection of teams to choose from for local multiplayer or for matches against the CPU controlled by artificial intelligence.

The new maintenance of eFootball will go on for four days

At the end of the downtime, the update of the version 1.1.0 from eFootball will be ready, with the season 2 arriving two weeks later.

“The events and campaigns for Season 1 have come to an end and today marks the start of the pre-season period for Season 2.

The version 1.1.0 update will include improvements in win / lose decision making in online matches, server capacity enhancements, and preparation for future initiatives such as data sharing between consoles and mobile devices.

The maintenance period will run from May 30th to June 2nd. During the maintenance period, test games with some leagues and clubs will still be playable, with 2 new options added to the test games: “Beginner” difficulty level and 10 minutes of playing time.

After the completion of the maintenance, Season 2 is expected to start on June 16, which will be accompanied by various in-game events.

Further details will be announced in-game, on the official website and on this Twitter account. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the long maintenance period and thank you for your patience. “