Edge Of Eternity on sale at Eneba

The famous sales and discount site for digital video games Eneba, today has in store for us Edge Of Eternity, a very intriguing RPG, less than half the price, that is 9.72 euros in its version Steam.

In Edge Of Eternity, it is not known how or for what reason, but one day several years before the events of the game, the sky was invaded by spaceships belonging to an alien race. At first, these visitors were kind to the people of the planet Heryonwithout ever showing the slightest hostility, on the contrary sharing even their most advanced technologywhich helped the people to prosper in a short time.

Like a bolt from the blue e without any clue that could announce it in the least, the aliens began to devastate Heryon and all its inhabitants who, taken aback, they were decimated in a short time in what was a total one-way massacre.

Edge Of Eternity: Rich gameplay

The combat system is the strong point of Edge of Eternity. The basic title I presented classics turn-based combat, but with the battlefield featuring a beehive grid on which we can move in six different directions. Returning to the speech shifts, the order of the latter it will be given by filling up a bar for each characterjust like it happened in Final Fantasy VII and many others.

When it’s our character’s turn, we will be able to perform various actions how to move, defend ourselves to halve the damage taken, perform the basic attack or use objects, skills and spells. Another peculiarity will be that not all actions will be performed instantly, but some will have a charge time (cast time) especially the spells.

Edge of Eternity

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