EDGE chooses its GOTY 2022, with a double winner

The British magazine EDGEwhich from the now distant 1993 publishes news relating to the world of video games, has compiled the ranking of games of the year according to the editorial staff. The thing that catches the eye is the presence of two winners with equal merit! let’s proceed in order, however: according to the magazine Nintendo is the Publisher of the year, Elden Ring is the title with the best visual design, Tunic the game with the best audio. The actress Charlotte Mohlin gave the best performance of the year in Immortality From Software proved to be the study of the year. TO Steam Decks the Best Hardware award went, while the best soundtrack of the year went to We Are OFK.

However, the ranking of the “Game of the year“, who sees, in order, Bayonet 3, Windjammers 2, Gran Turismo 7 and Poinpyin the last four positions of the ranking. Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Roadwarden and Neon White they occupy the positions until they reach the podium, which sees Pentiment on the bottom step, and sensationally Elden Ring and Immortality to share the first place tied.

The decision has not found too much success among fans, who have turned up their noses even in the face of the judgment given to Pokemon Scarlet and Violetrated with a 7, contrary to what happened with Midnight Sunsrated with 8, too underrated title according to the community.