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ebook japanhandles more than 600,000 comics, one of the largest in Japan. It is recommended to purchase on Fridays when the return rate is particularly high. When you log in for the first time, you will receive a 70% OFF coupon.

recommended manga


JJM Women’s Judo Club Story

[The world's largest selection of e-books/comics]ebookjapan

25 years after “Judo Club Monogatari”, Makoto Kobayashi draws “genuine judo manga” again! The original is Yuko Emoto, who brought the first gold medal to the Japanese women’s judo world at the Atlanta Olympics women’s judo 61kg class!!

welcome to the ballroom

[The world's largest selection of e-books/comics]ebookjapan

The dance sports youth tale presented by Toshihide opens! I will change with that step. An ordinary junior high school student, Fujita Tatara, has no particular dreams for the future and spends his days doing nothing. One day, Tatara meets a mysterious man with a helmet and is kidnapped without knowing why. The place where the man headed was… surprisingly, it was a ballroom dancing class. Tatara’s daily life begins to change as he takes a step forward into the world of dance.!! A “Boy Meets Dance” drawn by his bare talent!! , super hot! Get drunk on the dance story!!

Shadow Shojo! !

[The world's largest selection of e-books/comics]ebookjapan

“Watanabe Sarasa will become Oscar-sama!” Kouka Revue Company was founded in the Taisho era and consisted of only unmarried women. The youth of the girls who entered the music school begins! Sarasa and the others are fed up with the preparatory course’s lectures, so they ask the instructor if they want to do some practical training…? If you want to know the story from the beginning of admission to Sarasa Music School, please read the first and second volumes of “Kageki Shojo!! Season Zero”, which will be the prequel.

Dai Miyamoto, a third-year high school student who was moved by jazz, continues to play the saxophone by himself on the riverbed. Every day, night after day, rain or shine, for years. “Become the best jazz player in the world…!!” Effort, talent, conviction, environment, luck…what do you need? The story of seriously facing a reckless goal head-on begins in Sendai, Hirosegawa.

A cold wave hits, a devastating blow, and the world resets. Taro Maizuru, who woke up from artificial hibernation for the first time in 500 years, lost all his beloved family and property. He crawls out of the abyss of despair, seeks an ideal life and purpose in life, and sets his sights on his homeland of Japan. A great journey back in the history of humans and civilizations. Humanity, this is the future.


[The world's largest selection of e-books/comics]ebookjapan

In 2010, Japan’s first manned space exploration rocket “Shishi-go” crashed into a city and caused many casualties. Asumi, a girl who lost her mother in an accident, met the ghost of the pilot of the accident plane, Lion-san, and started aiming to become an astronaut. Sci-fi fantasy that is very popular with comic flappers! Includes the debut work “2015 no Rohanabi”, which depicts Asumi and Lion’s encounter, and the second work in the series, “Asumi”.

[The world's largest selection of e-books/comics]ebookjapan

The unique friends and cute animals of the veterinary school are making a big fuss today. A doctor’s comedy that has exploded in national popularity with its funnyness that makes you grin unintentionally!

[The world's largest selection of e-books/comics]ebookjapan

Serious boy + beautiful girl x tennis = hot-blooded sports contest!? The methodical and serious “A-chan” is a little irresponsible!? But when he meets the beautiful girl “Natsu” who is serious about his passion for tennis, he becomes obsessed with tennis and his life changes dramatically!? Pleasure and agony. Spiral……. A shocking chemical change in life that cannot be expressed by a formula has begun!!

The boy goes to the “battlefield” called the circuit! Kappeta Taira (commonly known as Kapeta), a 4th grade elementary school student, lost his mother when he was young and lives with his busy father. In order not to worry his beloved father, Capeta is always patient. The only time I was engrossed was when I could imitate driving while looking at cool cars. One day, his father brings back a certain item from his workplace that will change Capeta’s destiny!

Asahi Tojima, 15 years old, a first year student at Futatsuzaka High School. Asahi, who was in the art club until junior high school, was deeply moved by the catchphrase, “The naginata is the American dream of high school clubs! Even people who have never been involved in sports can make their name known nationwide.” Konno is troubled by his height with his longing senior, Maharu Miyaji, who is a strong woman who fights off molesters with kicks, and Shoko Yasomura, who is also a first year student and has experience in kendo. Sakura (Konno Sakura)…Asahi and her friends, the “Naginata Girls”, are strong! Fun!! Beautiful!!! The story begins――

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