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Logitech released the “S150 USB connection PC speaker” that outputs deep sound from the USB port today from November 29th. The price is open, and the Logitech online store price is 2,530 yen (tax included).

USB stereo speaker “S150”

Simply plug the S150 into the USB-A port,Stereo speakers with power supply and digital audio output. There are no restrictions on the location of the power supply, and complicated wiring work is not required. Integrated volume control and mute buttons on the front of the speaker let you intuitively adjust the sound. Slim and lightweight, it can be used in various places such as on a table or desk.

It’s not a so-called gaming gear, but it can be said that the 2,000 yen range for two speakers is quite affordable. It seems to be an introductory product for those who are not satisfied with the built-in speakers such as PCs.

Product features

  • Power and audio output with a single USB cable: One USB-A port for power supply and digital audio output
  • Intuitive volume control design: 2 volume control buttons and 1 mute button on the front of the left satellite speaker body
  • Space-saving slim design: Slim and lightweight design that does not take up space even when placed on a table or desk

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Source: Press release

Easy USB stereo speaker
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Easy USB stereo speaker