EA publishes the update that allows you to choose the pronouns of the characters

A small gesture, but which shows an increasing attention to the multiplicity of gamers and gamers. Electronic Arts has released a new update for The Sims 4 that allows you to customize pronouns used for your avatar. In addition to the simple physical aspect, therefore, we will be able to make our digital version completely special by choosing for us the pronoun that best represents us without necessarily specific to the gender.

The Sims 4 tries more and more to be the life-simulator as close as possible to reality, also meeting a simple and at the same time very important need. There are many people who are subject to misgendering in everyday life. You want to put the pleasure of having the possibility of not undergoing the same treatment even at home, in front of a video game that should instead relax? This feature had been loudly requested by gamers who had launched a petition on Change.Org to convince Electronic Arts to introduce it.

Regarding The Sims 4, in the past few months, unfortunately, there has been some bad news. The “my wedding” package that allowed our character to get married with any other NPC was not distributed in Russia. In Moscow, the title could have put gamers in trouble given some laws enacted by the Kremlin.


With the news of the update, a video was also published that presents the new features. What do you think of this novelty? Happy to be able to customize your avatar so thoroughly? Personally, whoever writes to you, yes.

Source: Electronic Arts