Dwarf Adventure the dwarfs armed with axes that do not convince

One of the probably most abused formulas in the world of video games is certainly the use of figures belonging to the Fantasy how dwarfs, elves And similar. Usually these atmospheres go perfectly with the videogame universe and are synonymous with at least enjoyable titles. It also tries eskemagames with Dwarf Adventurea game that aims to be a dungeon crawlers with items from roguelikespity that at present there is still work to be done to give at least a decent product.

Dwarf Adventure has no storyline

If you take a setting Fantasysurrounded by gods axe-wielding dwarfs, it is obvious that you have to put a story in it. The type of setting lends itself perfectly to this and I’m not saying it’s an obligation, but we’re close.

The atmosphere of the dungeons proposed would go very well with a shred of plot. The only hope is that this was only phased out Early Access in order not to spoil anything in the finished product (a bit like we did in DarkNot, another title that we recently previewed). If not, this would prove to be a very serious shortcoming, but we are waiting for the finished product to be able to judge…eskemagames from this point of view, postponed to September!

Gameplay not working

The gameplay of Dwarf Adventure without too many puns, it doesn’t work. The biggest problem is that you will be given very little freedom of movement, but let’s start from the beginning. You will find yourself in classic dungeons from RPGs and here you will have to continue in the corridors, where with each of your movements the stamina bar will slowly empty.

Dwarf Adventure

If this gets to zero your life bar will also begin to reset. Every now and then you will meet a enemy to defeat and your attack will also consume stamina points. Let’s say it’s a fairly classic formula in games of this genre, the biggest problem is that you will never be able to check your character: the choice of Street to undertake, it will be the only thing you really have control over.

Dwarf Adventure

Also the fact that with your every step the bar of stamina it will wear out, if on the one hand it can be considered a choice that should increase the factor strategic of the game, on the other it renders Dwarf Adventure limited and leads to the total impossibility of being able to explore i dungeons proposed. True, every once in a while you’ll find one potion which restores this bar or the healthas usual in games of this type, but these will indeed be available with the dropper and therefore practically useless for exploration purposes.

Graphically bad

Dwarf Adventure it’s not pretty to look at in fact this turns out bare and not very detailed. You will have a view isometric and that, in itself, is not a big deal, the fact is that the game environments will be like this little ones that you will practically only see a large black background, with a spot in the middle represented by the playing area. Even the characters on the screen will be cobbled together, with a choice of textures that seem to come out of any game for the first time Playstation.

Dwarf Adventure

From the point of view of sonorous we are absolutely not there, with environmental effects all too similar to each other, but above all a repetitive music for nothing evocative which in no way manages to bring the player into an atmosphere medieval/fantasy.

Dwarf Adventure is a big no for now

There is little to add for Dwarf Adventure. We are facing a mediocre title, which really has no merit and that it can’t hide behind being a preview. If we want to be bad to the core, it seems that eskemagames created this title to ride the wave of Dwarf Fortresstitle with a similar name, but which is diametrically opposed both as regards the gameplay that for the quality overall.

The game at present is not good from the technical side, but not even from the point of view of gameplay which results monotonous and to no avail frustratingsince at each step taken the bar of stamina will inevitably collapse.

Dwarf Adventure

There graphics it is approximate and it seems that everything has been done in a botched way. Another particularly big flaw is the total absence of one plot which it is not known if it will be implemented later, perhaps at the exit of the game. For now the title, in its preview, is heavily rejected and I strongly doubt that it will recover in its final version.