Dungeons & Dragons also becomes a TV series

Riding the wave of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor for Thieves, Paramount+ is working on a TV series set in the universe of the famous role-playing game in collaboration with Studio eOne. To direct the work for the first episode will be Rawson Marshall Thurberknown for his role as director and writer in dodgeball. His presence suggests that the series will be able to entertain viewers, but at the moment no plot details are known. This isn’t the first time Thurber has dabbled in the world of video games, as he’s also directing the TV series on The Divisiongame developed by ubisoft.

Although the critics have not been enthusiastic about the TV series on Halothe latter was a hit on Paramount+, probable reason why it will continue to produce video game themed titles. The great success of titles such as Rings of Power, The Witcher And House of the Dragon indicates that fantasy series are currently very popular, so it is possible that shows based on them will thrive Dungeons & Dragons.

RPG-based video games are doing reverse path, with Wizards of the Coast who declared that he had canceled 5 such projects, without however specifying the reasons that led to this decision.