Dune: Spice Wars features the Imperial House Corrino

As announced a couple of months ago, it has just arrived the latest update of Dune: Spice Wars introducing a new playable faction: the Imperial House Corrino.

The arrival of Emperor Shaddam IV on Arrakis brought his royal spaceships to the planet, as well as fully equipped mobile palaces to house the imperial administration and serve as a center of operations. Through his position, the Emperor has the honor and the burden of indirectly controlling the Space Guild. While House Corrino receives a tax (or bribe) on the Spice from most factions on Arrakis, they must in turn pay the Guild taxes to keep interstellar travel accessible, not only for their own profit, but also for the benefit. of all the great Houses of the Imperium. This duty gives them ample leeway over other factions, further strengthened by their ability to lend Sardaukar, change the Landsraad agenda, and use their contacts to manipulate the CHOAM market.

House Corrino can employ large formations of low-cost soldiers and some elite units specialized in extreme tactics, including the formidable Sardaukar, whose armies are renowned for their ruthless efficiency and for leaving no room for error. Originating from the mysterious prison planet Salusa Secundus, the secret of their training and recruiting process is one of the most guarded in the Imperium.

We remind you that Dune: Spice Wars is currently available on Steam in the Early Access programwhere it will remain until the spring of next year.

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