Druckmann has revealed his “most ambitious project ever”

The project of a multiplayer game by The Last of Us seems to be on the mind of Neil Druckmann already for a while and apparently in Naughty Dog it was talked about well before the release of the second chapter of the famous exclusive Playstation. Before becoming the supposed name of this new multiplayer IP”Factions” had in fact to be a mode present in The Last of Us 2 which however, since it is rich in content, it was preferred to eliminate in favor of an independent title.

Neil Druckmann has often spoken out about the contents of The Last of Us Factions, the game is a multiplayer but it must not distort what has always been Naughty Dog’s objectives for the series. The PlayStation exclusive wants to tell a story through well-characterized characters positioned in a reality that is opposite to them and Factions he didn’t have to break this rule, even in multiplayer Naughty Dog would tell his story.
The company seems to have a lot of big plans for this historical period. To accompany the development of The Last of Us Factions there could in fact also be the third chapter of the saga or even a new IP. Naughty Dog is also expanding beyond the gaming market by landing on the big screen with the series HBO extension dedicated to his famous survival-horror. This franchise evidently still has a lot to offer us.