DriveClub at 60fps on PS4 Pro thanks to a mod

In the footsteps of the much better known modder Lance McDonaldcreator of the patch for i 60 fps from Bloodbornea content creator called Illusionhas rolled out an update for DriveClub which unlocks i 60 fps in the racing game of Evolution Studios.

The patch allows the PS4 Pro to increase the game’s framerate without requiring extra processing power. As for updating Bloodbornethe patch for i 60 fps it only works on one console PlayStation 4 PRO standard or modified. Find the video below:

DriveClub Official Mods?

In the November 2020the former director of the development studio Paul Ruschinsky discussed possible remasters or patches of DriveClub next-gen for PS5adding that its latest racing game will not receive any support from the original developers, so there will be no optimization of frame-rate, resolution and download time.

As for the development by Sony of a sequel of DriveClub or MotorStorm, Ruschinsky felt it wrong to mention that, despite the development costs for re-licensing, their return is very unlikely, but due to the Japanese tech giant’s desire to focus on Gran Turismoa key racing game of PlayStation Studiosrather than a key franchise.