Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – New trailer for the Bardock DLC!

Two years after its launch, the Action GDR Dragon Ball Z Kakarot continues to thrill players from all over the world and relive important moments of the saga created by Akira Toriyama. Surprisingly announced by Bandai Namco, the Season Pass 2 will enrich the experience with three new narrative arcs. The first, entitled Bardock Alone Against Fate will make us relive the story of Goku’s father and his desperate fight against Freeza.

The launch of the first DLC of the second Season Pass is expected in a few days, next January 13thin conjunction with the launch of the free update for the next-gen versions of the game e Bandai Namco will prepare players for these new adventures thanks to an exciting and spectacular trailer:

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: let’s meet destiny with Bardock!

The new Bardock Alone Against Fate DLC will retrace the storyline of the TV special The origins of the mythaired for the first time back in 1990. The special traces the story of Goku’s father and his desperate fight against the evil Freeza, intent on exterminate the entire Saiyan race; the warrior will throw himself into a desperate fight against time after a premonition that reveals the terrible plan of the galactic tyrant.

In the additional content we will no longer be on Earth, but on the planet Vegeta, and we will also see Vegeta and Nappa in their younger versions. According to the new trailer, the DLC seems to retrace the special in a very accurate way and faithfully report all its salient moments, therefore it means that in all probability we will not see the Bardock’s Super Saiyan transformationappearing for the first time only years later in a special comic one shot.

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