Does the new game have an exit window?

Through his Twitter profile, and during a question and answer with a reader, Jeff Grubb may have revealed the launch window of the new title dedicated to the series of Star Wars Jedi, currently in development but whose official name has not yet been revealed… maybe. During the last episode of Grubbsnax, which took place yesterday, the same host would have said what the subtitle of the new game will be: Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Clearly this is nothing official, waiting for a company release.

On the post we are talking about, Grubb replied to a reader about the various hypotheses on the launch of different games, stating in a dry way that “Jedi Survivor will arrive in February or March”.

As you could read, the statement seemed firm and convinced, however after EA’s confirmation in January on the development of the game (which is taking place by the talented team of Respawn Entertainment), the company has not declared anything anymore, nor much minus the title. By virtue of this, we invite you to consider this training simply as one corridor entry.

However, Grubb’s hypothesized release window could be considered likely, always provided that an official reveal of the game takes place during the summer (perhaps during an EA event in the period that was once dedicated to the now canceled E3, or during the more than confirmed Gaemscom 2022 in Cologne).

Grubb himself however had in the past few months speculated that the new Star Wars Jedi, not yet Survivorwould even have been predicted for the autumn of 2022but apparently something must have changed in the course of construction, or must have become aware of more specific details in the last few days.

We repeat in any case that neither the name nor the release date of the second game dedicated to Star Wars Jedi have yet been announced, and pending EA’s statements we invite you to treat all this information as simple rumors.