Does the director of the film confirm the arrival of the next game?

The director of the film silent Hill of 2006 stated that Konami is working to bring back the survival horror franchise. Already over an extended period of time, many rumors have continued to circulate claiming that the new era of silent Hill was about to begin.

Although none of these speculations have led to an official announcement of Konami, it seems that the silence will not remain much longer. In fact, in a recent conversation with JeuxActuChristophe Gans, who directed the film adaptation of Silent Hill, has definitively stated that Konami is about to bring the famous horror video game series back to the gaming world.

Gans has recognized the credit to some fans for having collected leaks and rumors about this revival very accurately and confirms everything. He also talked about how even a new film associated with Silent Hill is part of this new revival plan.

Gans also says that the reason for this awakening of Konami largely depends on the huge success enjoyed by Capcom with recent remakes of Resident Evil. “I work with Konami. They are all focused on this and I think they have been driven by the success of the raises of Resident Evil 2 And 3which are super-wonderful games. ”, so he says.

It remains, however, to be seen when this Silent Hill revival can actually take place, but given how much the franchise has been on the front page lately, it looks like Konami may have something to announce in the coming months.

Meanwhile, some passionate fans of the saga have thought of developing their own version of the game using the powerful engine of the Epic Games to give life to new generation video games: theUnreal Engine 5. At this link you can read the article that talks about it and that gives a first look at this very innovative version.