Does Hellblade 2 use AI for dubbing?

The game could use AI-driven software for dubbing.

According to a new report by Good Luck Have Fun, Ninja Theory (with Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2) and other development teams of triple A video games they would be using a artificial intelligence for the dubbing of their games, instead of using gods voice actors in flesh and bone.

It also appears that the company behind this technology is Altered AIwhich contains a library of vocal performances, including approx 20 professional voice actors. And although it shares obvious and obvious similarities with speech synthesis, which reinterprets sentences through audio, the AI voice acting it is considered ethically riskier since it makes use of a whole series of tools that make it possible to change the tone and the type of voice of a voice actor.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 could use an AI for dubbing

And it is precisely this aspect that causes more concern in professionals, given that this technology could even reach in the future completely supplant the voice actors in flesh and bone. But returning to the report above, it seems that this moment is not too far away, since Ninja Theory would have decided to partner with Altered for dubbing of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2.

Furthermore, always remaining in the videogame field, Neon Giant he used Altered for voice dubbing in The Ascent. At present it is unclear whether the English development team of Microsoft has actually entered into an agreement with Altered to use this Artificial intelligence for the dubbing of the new chapter of Hellbladeand consequently it is not even clear to what extent he would be using this tool.

And waiting for further information about it, we report the statements of Ioannis Agiomyrgiannakisthe CEO of Alteredwhere he stated that for the moment his software is used almost exclusively to make prototypeswith her IA that in the future it will be for the world of dubbing what YouTube has represented for videos:

“When you have a dialogue you imagine it in a certain way. But when you give dialogue to voice actors, the result is often not as dynamic as you would have liked. We provide an intermediate step where you can make a prototype of the dialogue and have a reference before going to the studio. “