Does apple Watch work on Android and how to connect it

Does apple Watch work on Android and how to connect it.

Many of us buy gadgets from different companies, but each manufacturer tries to create a different ecosystem so that we only buy devices from one brand. Therefore, it is difficult for a newcomer to understand how to connect an Apple Watch to an Android phone, and often they simply leave the company, frustrated with the purchase. However, don’t despair, as in theory there is still the possibility of establishing pairing between devices that have a Bluetooth sensor.

Is it possible to connect the apple Watch to Android?

Although the apple Watch is a stand-alone device, it needs to be paired with a mobile phone to access all of its features. For example, the Apple Watch is often used to read text messages and answer phone calls.

But everything is spoiled by the fact that the Apple Watch is part of Apple’s closed ecosystem, which only involves the use of the gadgets within it. That is to say, there is no official Android application to pair an Android mobile phone with an apple smartwatch. However, there are a number of hobbyist apps that can bypass the restrictions.

What features will be available

Before describing the pairing algorithm, it is important to clarify whether the basic functions of the apple Watch work when connected to Android. Here it is to be regretted that the smartwatch does not work at all. Once you have successfully set up the pairing, you will be able to use the following functions:

  • Call notice;
  • SMS reading;
  • mobile phone charging.

Compared to the standard watch functionality, the lack of display of notifications from third-party apps, be it Telegram or WhatsApp, is immediately noticeable. However, if you only need the Apple Watch to view calls, you won’t be disappointed.

Connectivity algorithm

Connecting an apple smartwatch to a mobile phone from the same company is done in a couple of clicks and is simple. But when it comes to pairing the apple Watch with an Android mobile phone, things get much more complicated. Therefore, we recommend that you study the entire manual carefully and do not skip any steps.

It is important. To set up pairing between apple Watch and your Android mobile phone, you will need an apple iPhone, without which you will not be able to connect.

Installation of applications

Since there is no compatibility between the apple Watch and the Android operating system, you will need to install additional software. In this case, we are talking about the Aerlink apps: Wear Connect for iOS and BLE Utility. The first is installed on the Android mobile phone and the second on the smartwatch.

You won’t have to search for links to download the software, as both programs are available on Google Play and App Store, respectively. The software is free, so you don’t need to spend money to buy it. However, this is the only notable advantage of the software, as the initial setup can be difficult for inexperienced users.

The main difficulty is installing the BLE utility on a smartwatch. Without an iOS smartwatch, you cannot perform the operation. If you have an apple iPhone handy, open the App Store and search for and download the BLE utility.

Granting permissions to apps

Each mobile operating system device allows access to the functionality of applications only after granting the appropriate permissions. Therefore, the first step in configuration is to confirm the requested action. The operation is performed as follows:

  • Install Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS.
  • Launch the app after pre-installation.
  • When the pop-ups appear, reply “Allow” to each of them. Otherwise, the already limited functionality will be nullified.

As for specific permissions, Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS will request access to calendar, notifications, contact list and other options.

The rest of the steps required to pair the devices are related to the direct configuration of the gadgets, which we will see next.

Configuration of

Once you have installed the proposed software and given all the necessary permissions to Android, you can proceed to the configuration. This is carried out according to the following instructions:

  • Activate Bluetooth on the smartwatch and the Android mobile phone, and place the devices very close to each other.
  • Open Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS.
  • Activate the iOS Service through the notification that appears.
  • Run the BLE utility on the smartwatch.
  • Open the Peripherals tab.
  • Wait for a notification to appear on the mobile phone.
  • Confirm the connection.

If done correctly, your mobile phone will see the clock and you will be able to access some functions. They only work through Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS, so even after successful pairing, please do not uninstall the app.

How to reset connection when setup fails

As the pairing setting between apple Watch and Android mobile phone is not supported by official developers, if the connection fails, you will not be able to use the watch even when it is paired with an iPhone. To avoid this, it is recommended to uninstall previously installed applications. This will disable pairing between apple Watch and Android.

Posible problems

The procedure to connect an apple watch to an Android smartwatch is quite complicated, so it is no wonder that many people have problems during the operation. Most of the time, the smartwatch is not recognized by the phone via the Aerlink: Wear Connect app for iOS.

If this kind of difficulty occurs, you need to check the Bluetooth connection. Only with it can you connect one device to another. It is also recommended to repeat all the configuration steps and if there are no positive changes, reinstall the applications.

In any case, you should keep in mind that connecting the Apple Watch to Android is a procedure that is not supported by the manufacturers of the gadget. Therefore, try to use compatible devices, checking all the necessary information before buying.