DNF Duel: the Enchantress is shown in a gameplay teaser

Another day, another video of DNF Duel: today it’s up toEnchantress, a fighter who, like all her other colleagues and colleagues, revealed herself with a short gameplay teaser. Now, the red-haired young woman may be small in build, but as she soon learned so Swift Master who acts as a punching bag in the video, as well as knowing how to defend herself the user of the arcane arts also runs in lethal company.

Now that the Enchantress has made an appearance, there is still a place missing to fill the DNF Duel roster: which of the many characters in Dungeon Fighter Online will be given the honor? We don’t doubt that it won’t take long to find out, not least because the game is scheduled for release on June 28 on PCPS4 And PS5.

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