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Call Dungeon & Fighter Don’t tell me, but this series has been around since 2005, and its first game was a phenomenal success. She has won more than 850 million games worldwide. At first it started only on the domestic level in Greece, but gradually it reached other territories and in 2015 it went global. Gradually we managed to spin-off Fall of Hendon Myre and two mobile games. All of these games were based on the same side-scrolling beat ’em up RPG formula, but Nexon wanted a serious shift in another direction as well. He joined forces with Arc System Works (Guilty Gear or BlazBlue) and brought a fighter from his world.

DNF Duel is not something new. The game was able to play the game last year. But now he wants to reach a larger audience with a dream version for the Nintendo Switch, where the game fits really well. The transition from ROG to combat seems like an age jump, but the game retains much of what fans loved about the original game. It is built on 2.5D gameplay, making the world run smoothly, as well as the characters you know in the game. At the same time, the authors mixed up a number of interventions, of which not only the game, but mainly the game.

Arc System Works has really made a lot of great fighting games, fans definitely know what to expect from them. You won’t find all that here, but with one drastic change. DNF Duel is always a simpler and more advanced combat game than, for example, Guilty Gear games. This is understandable when vvojri brought a fighter for fans of the Greek RPG series. In the same way, the ner and the non-thunder, respectively, the thunder, which do not have as much happiness as fighters, are used. It plays well and is relatively simple. The speed at which you learn the principles of games does not depend on how many similar games you play. I really have to admit that there hasn’t been a fighting game this accessible for a long time, but the complexity of the fun hasn’t diminished.

But it works just as well. True DNF game is a thunder of fighters, so its course should not be too complicated and connected with the base game. it’s partially worth it, and the authors here very nicely present the unique world of DNF, where several realities are connected, between which you walk through doors. These different alternate realities were created after an event called the Great Metastasis. Some time ago, this door stopped working. But now they have opened up again to lure various fighters, who are experiencing their hidden strength in mutual battles.

Each character enters the story with a special agenda and the story is a little different. You can learn the progress of all game characters during the progress mode, which consists of 9 chapters. There are not many fights here, but you really enjoy a lot of fighting between the characters. Hvlim, es scny really uniquely plays and explains the background of the DNF universe. So you can play the game as several characters and you will get something a little different. After all, the course could be a little simpler, it’s easy to get lost and it won’t be much fun. At the same time, it’s not bad, better than some of the other wild boars. But don’t say that he would catch you first.

In addition to the running mode, there are also some other modes. Mete behind the thorn will gradually fight his way through the almi as well. In the Local Modes, you will find fast battles, where you can challenge the CPU of your opponents or friends in a flash. It’s not an Arcade mode, where you have to fight your way through a series of 8 battles by moving according to your choice. But there is also a Survival mode, where you stand against AI enemies, whose nronos are gradually suppressed by aide oto in order to get to the top. An interesting game with local saves, where you can play against someone else with a Switch in your vicinity. Uns, but probably not many games will be a hundred games, that’s the code.

Today, fighting games are mainly online, but this is not even the case here, although I have to say that there are also many games in this area today, such as DNF Duel. In the online mode, you can find classic quick and even ranked saves. They don’t go to the top, when you fight to leave the ridges, where you want to get to the highest level. As a result, he looks at vtabukch rankings, looks at game profiles, etc. You won’t find any replays or any other online options here. Also, the game does not support cross-play, because of the age of the code. However, the decision to omit the rollback netcode of this version is a bit incomprehensible. The Switch version is the only one in which the game is built on delay-based netcode.

Both of these things negatively affect the game, but I have to admit that I haven’t had bad experiences in my online saves. It is true that there are fewer games on the Switch and, for example, there is talk of quick saves. However, I’ve always found spers on ranked saves. But crossplay is always useful in such cases, when it spreads the pool of games. The latter is mostly late after the release. But for now, you won’t find games here. I don’t know if the situation is on the inch platform. Rollback netcode would be a great advantage, but if you choose well with a high-quality connection, you should not have any problems with the edges. At least I didn’t come across any ailments.

The game has a total of 16 playable characters, 15 of which you can choose from the beginning and the last (boss) you unlock by playing. It is not a perverse word, but the variability of the characters is very good and the balance of the characters is also very nice. It is the fault of their weapons, from which even their fighting bodies are missing. At the same time, you know how to identify well, it will probably be like a game. If you want an agile figure, you can choose well and even several different ones. It’s the same with strong characters, fast characters, etc.

The gameplay is similar to what you know from Guilty Gear or BlazBlue sri. After all, Arc System Works’ handwriting is very clear here. As I mentioned in the introduction, it is a bit simplified to open up to new thunder. The bag is catchy. It uses several different flows, which in combination with directional signs you can modify to another. In addition to ahk streams, don’t even ak streams. As you play, you charge up energy points, this energy can then be used for other modification of flows on so-called skills, which are based on the characteristics of the characters and refer to the RPG roots of the series. You waste energy when you use it, but unlike other fighting games, it also regenerates here. Kboju also includes some defensive tactics, directed blocks, counters and the like. For newcomers, it is also convenient that there is practically no juggling barrage here.

DNF Duel not only played well, but also looked good. It describes her series really well, but even without knowing her, you will still fall in love with her graphics. Op is the area where the game and rich experience of authors who simply like 2D games. The figures are beautifully detailed, even when moving. Arny s again rich apestr. Even outside of the battles, the game looks very nice and the anime scenes look simply awesome. The music is good for the game, but it’s not something that sticks in your memory. I would even say that after turning off the game, you won’t remember a single melody you hear. Dubbing is the good thing that the game is in the original version with subtitles.

DNF Duel will definitely not be easy, and after all, not this year, when we have a new Street Fighter and Tekken. But it is a very good game that takes the well-known universe into a new dimension, and especially with its introduction, it nicely opens up the genre of action games and thunder, which have not fallen to it so far. The game is simple, good and fun. But somehow the shortcomings are here. Through the Switch version, they have a little more justification for the bewildering decisions of the authors, especially in the area of ​​online gaming.

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