Disney Plus may have entrusted the new TV series to Matt Corman and Chris Ord

After Disney Plus has secured the rights to Daredevil, there are rumors of a possible continuation of the series. According to Variety this would be much more than a hypothesis and, even, would have already chosen who to entrust the writing of the next seasons. These are screenwriters Matt Corman and Chris Ord. In the lead role, of course, Charlie Cox who, a few days ago, had published thanks to the fans of the series, hoping to see him return in the role of him. Without making spoilers, even the latest films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have given us hope.

Variety explains that he learned the news of Corman and Ord’s involvement from certain but not yet officially confirmed sources. Implicitly therefore, the intention not to leave the Daredevil series unfinished is confirmed and to bring back, at least on the small screen, the man without fear: Matt Murdock. The magazine, in its article that appeared online, says it tried to contact interested parties for comment. Nobody – Corman, Ord or Marvel – wanted to express themselves. Everyone has entrenched themselves behind the silence.

Disney Plus is a very busy period. With the hype behind Moonknight over, it was the turn of She-Hulk’s announcement. Other news instead concerned the next season of Loki. Tom Hiddleston said filming will begin as early as this summer. Three seasons of Daredevil have been produced so far. The news of the transfer of the rights from Netflix to Disney Plus has arrived in recent months. The parent company has also acquired all that of the characters “Minors” like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Punisher. All of these series, including Daredevil, have not yet been canonized in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


What do you think? You hope for it, don’t you? Me too.

Source: Variety