Dishonored on sale at Eneba

Among the various series that have left their mark in the past generations of consoles, the Dishonored saga definitely deserves an honorable mention. The series, in fact, has taken the classic immersive sim gameplay to very high peaksthanks to a very interesting combat system.

If so then you haven’t never played Dishonoredyou definitely should remedyespecially when you can find it on Eneba to just over a Euro. A very low price for a game of this caliber.

Why play Dishonored

Dishonored puts you in the shoes of Corvo Attano, a man wrongly accused of murdering the empress. To prove his innocence, the protagonist sets out on the trail of those who hatched the plot, so as to unmask and kill them. While the intertwining of facts isn’t too complex, the game still boasts an impactful atmospherewhich manages to be memorable.

The gameplay of Dishonored is instead the workhorse of the game. Corvo has in fact many at his disposal paranormal powerswhich can be used in many different ways and combined between them to get spectacular results. For example, it is possible to stop time to block a bullet in flight, possess the body of the guard that fired and place it in front of its own shot, causing it to kill itself.

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This is just one of the many ways that Dishonored allows the player to harness the powers at his disposal and, if only for this reason, should be played.