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Capcom is an online-only team battle-type massive action scheduled to be released in 2023.Exoprimal』Latest trailer and new informationRelease..PC version closed network testAlso decided to implementWe have started recruiting participants..

Competitive Massive Action “ExoPrimal”

Gameplay Trailer | EXOPRIMAL

Team battle type massive action to defeat the worst “dinosaur” in history with the strongest “Exo suit” of humanity

“ExoPrimal”State-of-the-art powered suitWearing a body and rushing in an overwhelming amount of “Dinosaur disasterA team-based massive action that confronts.The main mode “Dino Survival” is a 5v5 where teams of 5 people compete online.Competitive PvEIt has become. Players wear “Exo Suits” specialized for each role and aim for victory while completing a wide variety of missions presented by the new generation AI “Leviathan”.

“Exo Primal” Exo Suit

State-of-the-art powered suit “Exo suit” to counter dinosaurs. Exo suits can be broadly divided into three types of rolls (roles): “assault,” “tank,” and “support.” The suit can be changed at any time during the battle, so change the exo suit according to the team formation and the situation of the battle to complete the mission.

“Exoprimal” The worst “dinosaur”

Various missions of “ExoPrimal”

“ExoPrimal” closed network test

A closed network test of the Steam version of “ExoPrimal” will be held. To apply for participationLinkage of CAPCOM ID and Steam IDIs required.For application and more informationClosed network test recruitment siteplease look at.

  • Recruitment deadline: Until 8:59 am on June 30
  • Winning announcement
    • First time: around 1:00 pm on July 4th
    • 2nd and 3rd: 1:00 pm on July 12th
  • Implementation schedule
    • First time: July 11th, 9 am-11:59am
    • Second time: July 25, 9 am-2:59 pm
    • Third time: August 7th, 9am to August 8th, 8:59 am

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