Dino Crisis appears on PlayStation Store

It may not be the remake that many fans have been asking for for a long time, but apparently Dino Crisis is about to return to modern systems. Or at least on Sony consoles: some users have indeed reported as the title of Capcomoriginally released on PS1, both recently appeared on the Asian markets version of the PlayStation Plus, although it is not currently available for download or purchase. You will remember how the game in question was not included in the updated catalog shared some time ago, but on the other hand Sony had made it clear even then that the list was not to be considered definitive.

It seems that Dino Crisis, therefore, will be one of the titles that will be added to the list of PlayStation Classics accessible to those who have a subscription to the tiers Extra or Premium. We’ll see if the June 23when the new PlayStation Plus will also debut on the European market.

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