Dice Legacy: Corrupted Fates – Review of the new rich DLC

As we pointed out in our game review Says Legacy (which you can find at this link) the Italian developer DESTINYbit he managed to create a work to really keep an eye on. We are talking about a management title that has had the opportunity to be different from the crowd due to the presence of a mechanics of randomness rather fun to learn and easy to exploit, with in fact of the dice who have replaced in the course of the adventure the classic citizens ready to build a real village, gathering resources and improving the possibilities of expansion. The game, with already excellent premises, and with the possibility of renewing itself from time to time with always different games – thanks to particularly interesting mechanics and never ready to lapse into banality – has had the opportunity to update itself with an important DLCwhich takes the name of Says Legacy: Corrupted Fatesand features several new or mechanics, with a sprinkling of content ready to make the experience even more interesting and full of variety: here’s our review.

A DLC full of charisma

It is good to point this out right away, the DLC in question has hit the markand manages with its contents and to give the right lifeblood to the title as any additional package, in this case for a fee, should do, in fact presenting itself with a myriad of possibilities ready to be certainly not essential in order to enjoy the adventure but in some cases perfect in order to provide the necessary variety to fans who are already enjoying their games within Dice Legacy.

The package in question ranges completely from what was seen in the main adventure, presenting itself with one almost horror themed variant, with small creepy additions that are also reminiscent of the universe of the Lovecraft world at times, and with new possibilities for users. First we want to talk about in this review Says Legacy: Corrupted Fates of the mode The fall”which sees users playing from a very different perspective than the one they have lived up to now, ending up in fact having to escape in a race against time, with the enemies who aim to attack the village and annihilate the player’s forces.

In this case we are faced with a truly surprising variety of situations, with this new unprecedented method (and not even “necessary” to make the package worthwhile) which with its new premises completely changes the cards on the table. The DLC puts in the hands of the players a number of new possibilities, structures and really interesting opportunities, to the point of being able to equate in some cases even the beauty of the main game option.

The cult invades Dice Legacy

As for the creepy themed content, in this case we are instead dealing with the invasion of the village suspended in nothingness by a strange curse, which is ready to provide both benefits, in the form of new contents, and to create many problems that later a couple of distractions can lead to the player losing their game. It is a race against madness, with some abuse that will in fact lead more and more citizens to take the side of the cult and give in to the temptation of evil.

Says Legacy Corrupted Fates

We are talking specifically about a real cultist “sect”, which allows thanks to new structures and the new class to make sacrifices in order to obtain the favor of darkness, with substantial bonuses that have a way of helping the player from time to time in his adventure, making progression easier and offering solutions in case of catastrophes that haunt the village. It must be said that this does not only have positive sides, and that indeed with a new sound and graphic sector it is able to make the adventures played with the new DLC installed already be recognized at first glance, due to the corruption more and more ready to get noticed. The real possibility is that players find themselves abusing the power provided by Dice Legacy’s new Corrupted Fates expansion to sacrifice too much and see the darkness devouring your village (which we also tried to do in the review).

The developer has therefore managed to create a rather interesting package, with new content and with unprecedented possibilities that they have a way of refresh the experience, not forgetting, however, to balance it and create the right difficulties that a real-time strategy must still offer, thus avoiding making users too strong and indeed creating big risks and possibilities in the full style of the title. This is in fact based from its premises on the randomness provided by the dice, a variant that fortunately also in the new expansion has not had the opportunity to miss.


  • Dice Legacy: Corrupted Fates (Tested on PC)

    8.5Total Score

    The Italian developer DESTINYbit unleashes a new masterstroke with this DLC, which allows you to enjoy new content both for what concerns a new game mode and for the presence of the new curse concerning the island suspended in nothingness. With a really well thought out balance, a renewed soundtrack and a graphic sector of the new content that is certainly successful, it is undeniable to confirm that we are dealing with content that is really to keep an eye on for lovers of the base game.