Diablo 4 will have a “calibrated” open-world so as not to lose the direction of the story

A game that is more branched than literally open

While all fans are waiting for a certain release date for Diablo 4a new interview from its developers with IGN has highlighted some important aspects related to gameplay. In particular, confirmation arrives that the game world will be set up as an open-world, as already announced some time ago, with some more details about the way in which this was conceived and implemented.

Diablo 4: more “branched” than open-world

The game director Joe Shely and the general manager Rod Fergusson they wanted to clarify what they mean by the open world. Fans shouldn’t expect anything a la The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, where the idea is that you can go anywhere, do anything and choose your own path and direction of your adventure. In Diablo 4 there is a plot, it is well defined and the developers want the players to experience a well defined and organized beginning, middle and ending. This does not detract from a certain non-linearity of the game world has been introduced.

Diablo 4 will have a branched plot and players will be able to choose the order in which to face most of the sections, and then change the order in a possible second game, to get a different experience. And there will also be the possibility to put the main mission on standby for a while and dedicate yourself to secondary activities. “This is the beauty of our open world“, Fergusson specified. “There are a lot of side quests, there are a lot of things in the world that you can do that don’t belong on the main path. And the fact that the latter is branched and allows you to decide how and when to tackle each of its sections. “

It even seems that Blizzard had to intervene to cut some of the content designed for Diablo 4 because the game world would have been too rich. “As you explore there are many things to do“, Added Joe Shely. “Whether you ride, whether you are on foot. We had so much stuff that getting everything on the saddle was difficult, so we said ok, let’s make sure the roads are connected to beautiful places and that they are good for traveling through areas that lead to particular places, while also leaving the opportunity to get out of the way. trails and find interesting areas. “

Summarizing the developers’ attitude towards setting up the game, Fergusson said that players want open worlds and freedom, but that they also need someone to point them in the direction. It is the concept of open-world himself, in fact, to be a small illusion in the world of video games, a truth that the general manager said he learned by dealing with different development teams when he was still working on Gears 5. An illusion that Diablo 4 will try to make less subtle, in the course of 2023, when it is finally launched on the market.