details on the plot of the spin-off of Spider-Man

For some time, Spider-Man-mania has exploded thanks to the films that have seen Tom Holland in the role of Peter Parker, and above all thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home (here you can find our review), consequently the “spiderverse” is constantly expanding and could not miss a film dedicated to the figure of Madame Webfamous heroine born from the sublime pencil of Joe Romita jr.

Playing the role of the leader of the Spider Women will be Dakota Johnson, which we have known and appreciated above all thanks to the saga of 50 shades. In addition to her, the cast will include Celeste O’Connor, the latest addition to the roster of actors she can count on director SJ Clarksonand Sydney Sweeney, star of the TV series Euphoria.

The British director, entrusted with the task of making an all-female film, is no stranger to the world Marvel. In fact, he directed four episodes, equally distributed between the series Jessica Jones and The Defendersproducts that recently became part of the Disney + catalog also in Italy.

As for the plot, the film will deal with the origins of the clairvoyant, whose psychic powers will allow her to better discover the world of spiders. It is, therefore, a film full of emotions and psychological trips, which will offer a cross-section, from another perspective, of a hitherto unknown way.

Among other things, the release date of Madame Web has already been announced, a film of which we discovered part of the plot just today. The film will be released in the United States on July 17, 2023. Therefore, just over a year is missing.

In the comics, Cassandra Webb helped Spider-Man deal with the aftermath of discovering his identity. After the events of No Way Home, however, it is possible that she will help him deal with the consequences of the spell created by Doctor Strange, which has effectively erased his existence from the memories of the people he loved.