Destiny 2: The first “Destiny” masterpiece raid “Evil God, Perish” will be released simultaneously worldwide at 2:00 am on the 27th, and a “world’s first” title raid race will also be held | EAA!! FPS News (EA/Yeah)

Today, Saturday, August 27, 2022 at 2:00 am (Japan time), Bungie’s free-to-play FPS “Destiny 2” will feature the first generation “Destiny” masterpiece raid.“Evil God, Perish” is backand released. For those brave enough to climb aboard the Hive’s Dreadnought and face the evil god Oryx, the return of this popular raid will take them deep into the depths of the ship.

again,“World’s first” title and beltA raid race of “Evil God, Perish” will be held.How is the raid race going?Watch live on Twitchcan.

Destiny 2: The Return of the Original Masterpiece Raid “Evil God, Perish”

Destiny 2: Season of the Pirates – The Evil God Falls Trailer [JP]

Raids are an integral part of Destiny 2, offering top-tier gearThe highest peak activity for 6 peopleis.“World’s first” title and beltFireteams around the world are training daily to win the . Also, the whereabouts of the world’s first race, “Evil God, Perish”,livewatchingI can do it. Cheer on each team and give a round of applause to the fireteam that reaches the finish line first.

Notes on the raid “Evil God, Perish”

  • This raid isCompetitive mode enabled 24 hoursstart in a good state.
  • To enter all battles at the power level cap,Up to power level 1560must be raised.
  • Clearing a raid with Competitive Mode enabledNew Challenge Mode in NavigatorWhensecret triumphwill be able to access
  • Completing this secret Triumph (a curated list of challenges in the newly unlocked Challenge Mode) will reward your fireteam withRecognized as the world’s first to cut the goal tape and receive a rewardcan do.
  • To force Triumph conditions into Challenge Mode, eitherIf the conditions are not met in battle, the team will be annihilated.I will let you.

Raid “Evil God, Perish” limited items also appeared

Guardians who complete the raid will receive exclusive raid-themed items through Bungie Rewards, such as the Evil Gods Perish raid art print and Evil Gods Perish raid pin.Bungie Storewill be available for purchase from

  • “Evil God Perishes” Raid Ring: Available for purchase by Guardians who complete the raid by Wednesday, September 7, 2022 at 1:59 a.m. ET.
  • Divine Slayer Seal Medallion Pin: Available for purchase by Guardians who have completed the Divine Slayer Seal and earned the Divine Slayer title.

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