Destiny 2: SHOWCASE Announcement Summary / Next Expansion “The End of Light” / Partnership with Epic Games / “Season of Pirates” / Raid “Evil God, Perish” Revival

On August 24, 2022, Bungie will release the basic play free FPS “Destiny 2” at the show event “SHOWCASE”.Next expansion content “End of Light”In addition to announcing the latest information, we have announced the start of accepting pre-orders.

again,Partnership with Epic Gamesalso announced. In parallel with the content of “Fortnite” and “Fall Guys”,Epic Games Store“Destiny 2” has been released.

In “Destiny 2”, the new season will be released on the same day.“Season of Pirates”is started. In addition, for one week only, you can play each expansion content “Shadowkeep”, “Beyond Light”, and “Ebon Queen” for free on all platforms. moreover,Reid “Evil God, Perish”The world’s first race will start with the revival of.

Destiny 2 expansion content “End of Light”

Destiny 2 “Fade of Light” – Reveal Trailer [JP]
  • story
    • The End of Light pits players against Calus, the evil ex-emperor of the Cabal. Calus has returned to the solar system with the Pyramid Fleet as a disciple of the eyewitness, the greatest nemesis in the universe, who first appeared in “The Dark Queen”. Using the skills of the brand-new subclass Strand, Guardians will explore a new location: Neomna, Neptune’s glorious metropolis. There, they must be attacked by the mysterious evil group “Shadow Corps” led by Calus.
  • The power of “strands”
    • End of Light introduces a new subclass element called Strand. It is the power to touch, grasp, and manipulate the invisible thread that binds reality. By weaving powerful attacks or unlocking new modes of locomotion, the power of the Strand can be harnessed in ways never seen before in Destiny 2.
  • neon big city
    • Neptune’s capital, Neomna, is a new location. With soaring skyscrapers and neon-lit streets, this city is dangerous, beautiful and full of mystery.
  • Definitive New Destiny Story Missions
    • Meet new skills and new enemies in the epic story missions of End of Light. Explore Neomna, battle shadowy legions, and face a powerful new foe, the Tormentor, that will test your Guardian skills to the limit. For those Guardians looking for even tougher challenges, take on Legendary Mode for greater difficulty and better rewards.

Accepting advance reservations

The next expansion content for “Destiny 2” “The End of Light” is currentlyPre-orderis being accepted. Exotic Auto Rifle “quicksilver storm” can be obtained instantly.

  • “Destiny 2” “End of Light” Standard Edition
    • Expansion Content “The End of Light”
      • New Power: Strand
      • New Location: Neptune
      • new raid
      • new exotic equipment
      • And much more!
    • Access to Season 20
    • Immediate cancellation with pre-order
      • exotic ghost
      • Legendary Emblem
  • “Destiny 2” “End of Light” + Annual Pass
    • Expansion Content “The End of Light”
    • Access to Seasons 20, 21, 22 and 23
    • Exotic Auto Rifle “Quicksilver Storm” and its Catalysts and Ornaments
    • End of Light Exotic Sparrow
    • The Labyrinth Key of “The End of Light”
    • Rahool’s Treasure x4 (Once per Season, Seasons 20-23)
      • 2 subspace alloys
      • 3 Ascendant Shards
      • 1 Exotic Cipher
      • 5 upgrade modules
      • 1 exotic cosmetic item
      • Immediate cancellation with pre-order
      • Exotic Auto Rifle “Quicksilver Storm”
      • exotic emote
      • exotic ghost
      • Legendary Emblem
  • Destiny 2 The End of Light Collector’s Edition
    • “Destiny 2” “End of Light” + Annual Pass
    • “Destiny 2” “The End of Light” Digital Soundtrack
    • 20cm replica figure of Puka (with LED light and stand)
    • Vanguard lorebook
    • Letter from Zavala
    • small lithograph
    • vinyl sticker
    • Exclusive collector’s edition emblem
    • 10% discount code for Bungie Store purchases during Season of the Pirates (excludes some items)
Destiny 2 The End of Light Collector’s Edition

New Bungie and Epic Games Partnership

Destiny 2 Coming to the Epic Games Store – Fortnite + Fall Guys Crossover Trailer [JP]

At the unveiling event,Bungie and Epic Games Partnershipannounced about. You can now play Destiny on the Epic Games Store.

If you get “Destiny 2” from the Epic Games Store by 2:00 am (Japan time) on August 31st,“Destiny 2: 30th Anniversary Event Pack”offreeYou can pick it up at In addition, the expansion content is available for free for a limited period of one week.

For more information, please check this article.

“Season of Pirates”

Destiny 2: Raven Queen – Season of Pirates Trailer [JP]

In Destiny 2’s new season, Season of the Pirates, Guardians venture out into the ocean of stars. Eramis, the Kell of Darkness, has escaped from his ice prison and is gathering outlaws in search of dark-powered relics. To thwart her plans, the Guardian recruits outlaws and rogues in new activities, subclassingArk 3.0‘s revamped update to power up and claim treasures throughout the system.

  • new activity
    • Embark on an exhilarating voyage with new activities full of adventure and action.
  • ketch crush
    • Engage in ship-to-ship combat in a new 6-player matchmaking activity to stop Eramis and his band of pirates from wreaking havoc on the galaxy.
  • expedition
    • Complete a treasure map, dig for treasure, and fend off enemy pirate gangs as you make your way back to your ship in this 3-player activity.
  • pirate lair
    • Take on weekly missions and steal powerful relics that lie dormant in the Pirate King’s lair.
  • Ark 3.0
    • Unleash the incredible power of the all-new Ark 3.0 subclass. Guardians can now use traits and shards to customize their ark’s playstyle, and summon lightning with powerful new skills for each class.
  • Raijin’s Gift
    • Gift of the Raijin, a free, limited-time crate full of equipment to help you quickly level up and prepare for Season of the Pirate adventures. New players can also catch up with existing players in no time by using this. This crate containing 2 Exotic and 10 Legendary items can be picked up by anyone in the in-game HELM area.

Reprint Raid “Evil God, Perish”

Destiny 2: Season of the Pirates – The Evil God Falls Trailer [JP]

Also, at “Destiny 2 Showcase 2022”, this week in “Destiny 2”The raid “Evil God, Perish” is backIt was also announced that The stage of this raid, which first appeared in the expansion content of “Destiny” “The Descended Evil God”, is Dreadnought. Players will challenge Oryx to a direct confrontation there.

Raid “Evil God, Perish” Releasing on Saturday, August 27thand will be free to play for all Destiny 2 players. To celebrate its revival, Bungie will hold the world’s first raid race at the same time as the release of the raid “Evil God, Perish”. Guardians from all over the world form his 6-person fireteam and compete to see who can complete this reissued raid first. The world premiere race will start at 2:00 am (Japan time) on Saturday, August 27th.