Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted: The Complete Guide to Farming

Season of the Haunted, Destiny 2’s seventeenth, is here and brings players back to much-loved Leviathan. The huge planet-devouring ship, which was the setting for Destiny 2’s first raid and many other in-game activities, is the setting for much of the seasonal content available. With this update came a 3.0 rework of the Solar class and a new dungeon (already included for those who purchased the deluxe edition of the Queen of Whisperers otherwise available separately) and an endless series of new weapons and armor.

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Return to the Leviathan of the season of the Tormented

Before Beyond the Light, Leviathan and its owner, Emperor Calus of the Cabals, fled the orbit of Nessus and our solar system. Now the ship is back and is in the orbit of the Moon where (given the new alliance between Calus and the Darkness) it wants take over the Pyramid sleeper that we explored in Shadowkeep. The ship is now covered in fungal masses similar to those found on the Glycon and the Eggregora spores return. To pass through certain barriers, in fact, you will have to shoot these spores to receive a buff that will prevent the barrier from blocking you.

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Get ready to explore this new location far and wide as it is filled with chests, special enemies and new Opulent Chests. As a reward for completing various activities, in fact, you will receive opulent keys which, when examined in your inventory, will reveal the location of the specific chest they open and which will guarantee you the new seasonal weapons. My advice is to go and look for the corresponding chest as soon as you receive the key because you can only keep one at a time and the longer you keep it the more opportunities for future drops you will burn.

How to farm the new Nightmare Containment business

The new season features two new activities, a public event and a weekly mission. The first is called “Containment Nightmares” and is a free event for all players that takes place, in rotation, in the three large areas of the Leviathan. To start it up, select the new Leviathan in the destination of the Moon, you will land in an arena where, if not already in progress, the first wave of Containment Nightmares is about to start. The operation is very simple: kill the enemies, eliminate the resistant bosses with the yellow life and deposit in the reaper (the object you interact with to start the encounter) the red orbs that they drop.

The event is three tiered with the last one spawning a different final boss each week. Each level is timed and to complete it you will have to kill all the bosses. If you do not succeed, do not worry, if the countdown reaches zero you will not fail the event but you will only lose the chest of heavy ammunition that appears at the end of each phase. If you see a minion (the ones with the red life) that gives off the same glow as nightmares kill it, it will drop an unstable essence sphere that will cause you to do double damage to bosses.

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After beating the final boss, you can decide whether to spend 500 units of the new seasonal currency, the Vestiges of Terror, to open a chest with bonus seasonal equipment. Vestiges of Terror are obtained by defeating nightmares, completing patrols, collecting the petrified Eggregore (imagine it as a planetary resource) and opening opulent chests. In between events, you have the opportunity to explore that particular area of ​​the Leviathan. Equip a specter with the “Detect All” modification and you will be able to see the hidden chests that appear only at this moment even through the walls. To open the rooms that contain them you will have to activate a lever not far away and, once you open the chest, you will receive blue equipment and 30 essences of terror.

The other activity, Recisione, is only available to those who buy the season and takes place inside the belly of the Leviathan. Players will have to cut the bond that some main characters (the first week is the Raven) have with their nightmares to take them out of Calus’ control and sever the bond that the former emperor wants to create with the darkness.

The new weapons coming with Season of the Tormented

In terms of loot, the Transgressor bowed exotic sidearm is back from Destiny 1 and is obtainable through the season pass (at level 1 for those who buy the season, at level 35 for others) complete with a catalyst that is unlocked via a Gunsmith Quest. There are six new seasonal weapons (a laser rifle, rocket launcher, shotgun, assault rifle, scout rifle and beautiful glaive) and four returning weapons from the Season of Opulence Menagerie activity including Amato Sniper Rifle, Crucible Terror: All are crafted once 5 Deep Sight Resonances are completed. Small side note: keep an eye on all those activities that give you the Remnants of Darkness: this resource is the pillar to unlock the seasonal updates of the Crown of Torment that will allow you to have more rewards with each completion of the activities.

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The other updates for Season of the Tormented

Season of the Tormented will also see some updates to playlist activities and events. Trials of Osiris will have new loot (a new set of armor, a sidearm and a fusion rifle) and The Iron Banner has been completely reworked with a new mode (rift) a new reputation system similar to that of Saint-14 and a new seal to be completed and gilded. Finally, the Solstice of Heroes, the summer event, will undergo some drastic changes in its management thanks to the new system of Event Cards that allow you to enrich the experience with new cosmetics and new challenges. The Tormented Season began on May 24th and will run until August 23rd.