Destiny 2: Season of the Deep Launched – Here’s What to Expect!

The sci-fi long-running Destiny 2 is entering the next round, because the new “Season of the Deep” is now available. Here we give you an overview of the fresh content of the new season.

Bungie today kicked off the Season of the Deep in Destiny 2. Along the way, you’ll get new activities, weekly story missions, a new dungeon, Crucible updates, and new and updated weapons. Thanks to a cooperation with Sony, there are additional ornaments and equipment of well-known characters and worlds from several studios in Destiny 2 to discover on the PlayStation.

There were hints before, now it’s fixed: From today you can start the new season with a journey back to Titan. There they have to investigate a strange signal that comes from the depths of the methane sea. Owners of the associated Season Pass have access to the weekly Dive Missions, the Seasonal Matchmaking Activity Salvage, and the new activity Fishing.

From Friday at 7 p.m. the new dungeon will be unlocked and awaits you with a new challenge – but also new treasures. This dungeon is the first of two dungeons to be released this year. It’s available to anyone who owns the Lightfall + Annual Pass or Lightfall Dungeon key.

As part of the partnership with Sony mentioned above, there are various items from PlayStation icons such as Aloy, Kratos and Jin Sakai. Specifically, this is about:

Armor Ornament Packs

  • Hunter – Sacred Hunter
  • Titan – Curse of God
  • Warlock – Ancestral

“Eternal Drifter” Finisher Pack

  • Out of nowhere
  • Swirling Chaos
  • Perfect hit

mushroom package

  • clicker (ghost)
  • Growing Terror (ship)
  • Quarantine Runner (Sparrow)


Destiny 2 – Season of the Deep Launch Trailer

The sci-fi long-running favorite Destiny 2 starts the new Season of the Deep.

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