Destiny 2: New Labyrinth ‘Watcher’s Spire’ Released, Face Vex and Get 5 Weapons and New Armor Sets Including Exotic Bow ‘Layer of Need’ | EAA!! FPS News

Bungie announced on December 10th that the free-to-play FPS “Destiny 2”New Labyrinth “Watcher’s Spire”has been released. In this 3-person fireteam activity, Guardians infiltrate a Martian facility to counter Vex who are trying to stop Warmind Rasputin from being restored.

New Labyrinth “Watcher’s Spire”

Watcher’s Spire features a new armor set, four legendary weapons, andNew Exotic Bow “Layer of Need”awaits brave challengers.

Also, Guardians who have overcome this ordeal will receive a new“Wanted Criminal” seal and titleand from Bungie Rewards“Wanted” pinbe entitled to purchase the

“Wanted” pin

In order to infiltrate the Spire of the Watcher, it is necessary to purchase either the Dark Queen Digital Deluxe Edition or the Dark Queen’s Labyrinth Key (2,000 silver). This purchase also includes access to Year 5’s first labyrinth, Duality.

The season of Seraphs, which is currently being distributed, is a season to rebuild Warmind and prepare for the latest expansion content of “Destiny 2” “The End of Light” (released on Wednesday, March 1, 2023). It is

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