“Destiny 2” Improvement Update for New Players: Lifting the Ban on Armor Modification Parts, Reducing Legendary Weapon Convergence Costs, Relaxing Participation Conditions for the Highest Difficulty Nightfall | EAA!! FPS News

“Destiny 2”, a basic free-to-play FPS provided by Bungie, will be distributed from March 1st. Life) Improvement update delivery has been announced.

All armor modification parts are unlocked

One of the real pleasures of “Destiny 2” is the “equipment” that gives special effects.modified partsThere is a build construction that combines ‘.Limited and random access to modsThere were many criticisms that it was very strong and that there was little consideration for newcomers and returnees.

However, starting January 12, BungieAlmost all armor mods unlocked for all playersannounced. This will allow players who didn’t have enough armor mods to experiment with different builds for March. Please note that Seasonal Artifact Armor mods and Raid-exclusive mods are not unlocked.

Reduced legendary weapon convergence cost

As of now, Destiny 2 offers optional Legendary Weapons and Armor that only drop in Crucible, Gambit, Iron Banner, and Trials of Osiris for a fee.convergence” system is used. However, “convergence” requires a large amount of “Legendary Shard” was required, so it was not possible to use it casually. Bungie will add a hand here as well.

Starting next week, the Crucible, Gambit, Iron Banner, and Trials of Osiris required to converge Legendary gear25 Legendary Shardsis lowered to In addition, 50 “Legendary Fragments” are required for new weapons that can only be completed in Trials of Osiris.

Nightfall Professional Participation Requirements Relaxed

One of the most difficult PvE pieces of content in Destiny 2 is Nightfall.“Expert” with the highest difficulty levelam. The ban is lifted in the middle of each season, and if you clear it, you can get powerful limited equipment and valuable currency, but it was sometimes criticized because it required a high season rank to participate. , which is also improved.

While leaving the difficulty of the 19th season “Nightfall Gento” that will be lifted from next week, details are unknownParticipation conditions are relaxed.… apparently …

Both are updates that lower the difficulty of joining new players, so gamers looking for some kind of free FPS game from now onCompeting in Destiny 2Why don’t you try it?

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