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Basic play free FPS “Destiny 2 (Destiny 2)” whose new season will start from December 7th.Amazon prime memberThe Exotic Hand Cannon “Sturm”, the exclusive Exotic Ornament “Symbiosis”, the Limited Exotic Sparrow “Ram”, and the Legendary Ship “Nothing Goal” are distributed to the players.

Sturm Exotic Bundle

Amazon distributes special content for various games to Prime members every month, and “Destiny 2” is one of the target works.

Exotic weapons delivered this time “Sturm” is a 120-rate hand cannon that has been implemented since the release of this work in 2017. It tends to be used more in PvP than PvE. The Co-Conspirator effect in the Exotic Perk is that killing an enemy with Sturm fills up the magazine for your energy weapon.

Destiny 2: Exotic Weapon

Another Exotic Perk, “Storm and Storm”, has the effect of reloading Sturm when killing an enemy with the sidearm “Drang”, and also granting 1 bonus ammo per magazine over the cap. “Drang” was revived in Season 17 and is included in the crafting items introduced from the paid DLC “The Dark Queen”, so if you meet the crafting conditions, it will be an excellent PvE weapon.

In addition to “Sturm”, exotic decorations “SymbiosisLimited Exotic Sparrow “rumLegendary Ship’snothing goal” will be distributed.

how to get

Amazon linkAfter linking your Bungie account from and selecting collection on the dedicated page, you can get all items by talking to Amanda in the in-game tower.


¥20,215 (As of 2022/05/14 00:31 | Amazon research)

Black Friday sale once a year! /


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Destiny 2: Exotic Weapon
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Destiny 2: Exotic Weapon