Destiny 2: During the free event “Dawning”, get rewards such as exotic “Ghost Shell” by completing the event card | EAA!! FPS News

From December 14, 2022, the in-game free event “Dawning” is revived.

In this event, which brings joy and good news to all players, Eva Levante, who has returned to the tower, uses the necessary ingredients to bake sweets for the holiday season, and players canShare the joy of the Dawning with everyonewhile delivering sweets to characters all over the solar system.

Destiny 2: Dawning Free In-Game Event

Introducing new event cards and rewards

Dawning will be held forDecember 14, 2022 to January 3, 2023.In this year’s Dawning, a newevent cardappears. Players can earn rewards such as Emblems, Shaders, and Exotic Ghosts by completing challenges.

again,Upgrade Event Cards with SilverThis will unlock new Exotic Ghosts, Exotic Sparrows, new emotes, and more.

In addition, for Guardians who aim to be advanced users, you can get “star confectioner” marks and titles are available.

Get the new Legendary Spiral Rifle

In addition to engaging in snowball combat with stasis, the new Legendary Pulse Rifle “Stay Frosty PR7”, you can smoothly proceed with the search for ingredients for sweets.

Cosmetic items on sale & “Moment of Victory” is also being held

Dawning-themed cosmetics will be available in Eververse for the duration of the event, including new armor cosmetic sets for each class.

We also have Moments of Triumph running until the end of Season of the Seraph. Players will participate in Moments of Triumph as they prepare for Destiny 2’s next expansion, The End of Light, which launches March 1, 2023.

Three-dimensional icing cookies with “whipped sugar”

To celebrate the Dawning, Bungie has released the popular icing cookie creator“Whipped Sugar”collaborating with. With the motif of the new decoration sets and weapons that will appear in this year’s “Dawning”, it was carried out with the aim of exciting “Dawning” together with the players by realistically reproducing it in the form of a three-dimensional icing cookie. .

  • Focus points of the work
    • armor set(Left): In order to reproduce the appearance of the character, I checked the color many times, and in order to make it look like a strong figure, I layered sugar cream on top of each other to make it pop out like a figure.
    • Eva Holiday Oven 2.0(Center): Because it has legs, it is difficult to express it in a half-dimensional, and it is created as a full three-dimensional figure like a figure.
    • books scattered at my feet(Right): Appealing the presence by making one book at a time instead of making it all at once. In addition, the position of the book was corrected many times, and it was created so that it would not feel sticky.

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