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Bungie’s free-to-play FPS “Destiny 2”, where the “Guardian Game” is currently being held, isSeason 17 starting May 28thHas announced that it will renew the PvP event “Iron Banner”.In addition, it’s been about 3 years since PvP in general.Completely new mapWill be added and various rules will be adjusted.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Renewal

Destiny 2: The iron banner will change dramatically from the next season, new maps will be added to PvP in general for the first time in about 3 years, and the rules will also change

Power bonus abolished

One of the reasons Destiny 2’s PvP is so different from other games is that there are rules that reflect the character’s power level in order to take advantage of RPG elements. One of the rules is the iron banner.

However, the mechanism of the power level of Iron Banner was not explained, and there was an aspect that it was difficult for new players to fight due to the difference in power level.for that reasonPower level disabled with Iron Banner from Season 17Will be done. With this change, all players will fight on the same playing field.

New rules adopted

Furthermore, the rules are changed from the existing “control” to the previous rule “AkatsukiWill be changed to. In this mode, a team play where an object called Spark appears in the center of the map and you get points by carrying it to the goal of the enemy team and dunking it is the key mode. In Akatsuki, you can only get points for dunks without getting points for killing.

Also, after a certain period of time while holding the spark, it will automatically explode and spawn in its original position, so so-called potato play is not possible.Both teamsAfter a certain period of time at the tie, the team rushed into a 90-second sudden death, and three sparks sprang up at the same time to win the team that scored first.Will be. If the victory or defeat is still undecided, the score will be tied.

Reward system change

The reward system will also be greatly modified.Iron banner equipment, which until now had to be obtained randomly, will now be available.Obtained from the “Iron Engram” that can be obtained by accumulating the evaluations obtained by playing the Iron Banner and increasing the rank.I can do it.

You can analyze the “Iron Engram” as it is, or exchange it for Sir Saladin and any Iron Banner equipment. Also, if you wear the Iron Banner equipment or the Iron Banner decoration during the Iron Banner match, you will get a bonus in the evaluation. Equipping up to 5 points will give you a 200% bonus, soIt is recommended to wear decorations during the iron bannerTo do.

During the Iron Banner, new challenges will be added every day and you can stack up to 4 of them. In addition to getting the highest rewards for clearing, you will also get a bonus on the evaluations you get that week. Also, if you wear an iron banner related emblem, you will get a 10% bonus on your rating.

The iron banner has been changed in various ways like this,A new quest to explain the new elements to play the new Iron BannerI have to do it. The Iron Banner for Season 17 will only be held twice. It will be held in the week of June 1st and July 13th.Week only.

Completely new map “land of division”

Destiny 2: The iron banner will change dramatically from the next season, new maps will be added to PvP in general for the first time in about 3 years, and the rules will also change

The PvP map of “Destiny 2” is a mixture of the map that appeared from this work and the map imported from the previous work. However, the last new map was added on October 1, 2019, so there was a strong call from the community for a new map. Finally, Bungie will introduce a completely new map from Season 17.

The newly added map is “Land of divisionIt is a map based on three lanes called “. “The Land of Division” can be played with Iron Banner, 6vs6 Rule, 3vs3 Rule, and Individual Battle Rule.

Change to various PvP rules

In addition to iron banners, existing PvP rules will also be tweaked.

  • Control
    • The score obtained when occupying a zone has been 1 point, but now it will be 1 point for each player involved in the occupancy.
      • It has the same specifications as “Destiny”.
  • survival
    • The time limit has been reduced to 90 seconds in line with the “Trial of Osiris”.
  • chaos
    • The score obtained by killing with super skill has been increased to 3 points (former: 2 points).
    • The target score has been increased to 200 (formerly 150 points).
    • Reduced the time limit to 7 minutes (formerly 8 minutes).
  • Rumble
    • The time limit has been extended to 10 minutes (formerly 8 minutes).
  • Showdown
    • The target score for the round has been increased to 15 points (formerly 10 points).


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