Destiny 2: Bungie kicks off Season of the Tormented

Bungie is preparing to kick off the Season of the Haunted, Destiny 2’s sixteenth seasonal content which brings back Leviathan, Calus’s corrupted ship. Once the emblem of luxury par excellence, the Leviathan now returns as a corrupt wreck to make contact with the pyramid ship that lies dormant on the Moon. Once the connection with the Pyramid is established, the nightmares of the past awaken, threatening to haunt anyone who dares to interfere.

In the Season of the Tormented, the guardians will have to fight the ghosts of the past, take advantage of the new solar subclass updated with the 3.0 system (the same present in The Queen of Whispers for the vacuum subclass) and take on the role of the reaper wielding a scythe.
Season of the Tormented offers various activities and content to players, including:

  • “Containment nightmares” (free for all players). Evil permeates the hull of the Emperor’s abominable vessel. Summon the most challenging nightmares and purify them with fire.
  • “Termination”. Venture into the labyrinthine Bowels of the Leviathan, uncover the truth about Calus’ sinister plans and sever the nightmares he controls.
  • Solar 3.0 (free for all players). Now the solar subclass has also been overhauled and enhanced with the customizable system of shards and natures. Light the flame of creativity, discover new configurations and prove that fire can always be returned with fire.
  • Trespasser Exotic Sidearm (free for all players). Wield Shiro-4’s Exotic Sidearm picked up by Destiny 1 and let his fire shine among the tarnished gold of the twisted halls of Leviathan. Season Pass holders can instantly unlock the weapon.
  • Season Pass, New Mods and Gear, Solstice Event, and more.

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted will kick off this evening after the usual weekly update to last until next 23 August.

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