Destiny 2: Become a Grim Reaper and confront! New Season “Phantom Season” Trailer & New Information Disclosure, May 25th | EAA !! FPS News

Bungie’s new free-to-play FPS “Destiny 2” season “Phantom Season” will begin on May 25, 2022 (Wednesday). The once disappeared spaceship Leviathan reappears in a corrupt form, the strong enemies of the past are revived as Nightmare, and the player confronts with a new power, Solar 3.0 and the Scythe of the Reaper.

Destiny 2 Season 18 “Phantom Season” Trailer

Elements added in “Phantom Season”

  • New activity
    • Nightmare quarantine
      • An evil resonance echoes in the abandoned emperor’s ship. Summon the strongest Nightmare and purify it with flames.
    • Separation
      • Advance the maze-like lower abdomen of Leviathan. Uncover the truth about Kars’s evil plan and cut off his Nightmare.
    • Solar 3.0
      • The solar subclass has been redesigned with highly customizable characteristics and a fragment system. Burn the flames of creativity, pursue new builds, and prove that fire is controlled by fire.
    • Exotic pistol “intruder”
      • A reprinted weapon from the original “Destiny”. Swing the exotic pistol of Shiro 4 and illuminate the faded gold inside the distorted ship of Leviathan with lightning. (If you have a Season Pass, you can get this weapon immediately.)

End content “Labyrinth” added

The new season will start from 2:00 am on May 25 (Wednesday), but from 2:00 am on May 28 (Saturday), “Two Labyrinth Contents” included in the purchase privilege of the “Queen of Jet Black” deluxe version. The first labyrinth of “” will be lifted. If you haven’t purchased the “Queen of Jet Black” deluxe edition, you’ll have access to two labyrinth content that will be added to Season 18 and Season 19.Labyrinth keyWill be sold. The “Labyrinth Key” can be purchased from within the game for 2,000 silver.

Details of the new “labyrinth” have not been revealed, but according to previously announced information, the recommended power to play is 1550, and the reward is 1 legendary armor set, 4 leger weapons, 2 There are two Leger return weapons, one Exo weapon and one medium, an Exo ship or Sparrow, and two Leger emblems.

Also, at the same time as the “Labyrinth” is lifted, the high difficulty master version “Labyrinth” will also be lifted, and strategic armor will be added to the above rewards.

Destiny 2: Season 18

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Source: Bungie