Deep Sky Derelicts, the definitive edition on sale

The famous site for selling digital codes and offers for video games Instant Gamingtoday offers us Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition at the final price of 3.09 euros.

Set in a grim and dystopian future in which the entire human race first split into two distinct classesand then dispersed into the galaxy, Deep Sky Derelicts he sees us playing the role of a poor stateless outcast forced to live on the scraps found in various alien stations and ships abandoned in spacewith dreams of becoming a privileged citizen and living on the surface of a habitable planet, enjoying non-synthetic air, water and food. A legendary abandoned alien ship somewhere in the space sector Deep Sky could be the key to citizenship and a promise of a welcoming life on a hospitable planet.

In Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition we will have the task of building and controlling a squad of up to three mercenaries and start exploring abandoned ships for loot and clues in the wrecks. We will meet many friendly locals and traders, but more often in enemies of different types.

We will have to face them and defeat them in turn-based tactical combat using the cards of our deck in full deckbuilder style, which will give us a wide choice of skills and actions to perform. By winning these fights we will get experience for us and our crew as well as the possibility of looting the bodies in search of useful materials or equipment and, once back at our base, we will be able to proceed with strengthening the party. Still in our base, we will have the opportunity to heal and level up our mercenariesrecruit new ones, equip them, upgrade their equipment or recharge energy for life support during missions.

Deep Sky Derelicts

Key features for Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition

  • New take on turn-based card combat.
  • Refined sci-fi comic style graphics.
  • Endless customization options for characters and scavenging teams.
  • High replayability thanks to procedural content generation.
  • History of divided human society in a dystopian universe.
  • Two game modes: story and arena.