dedicated event in the coming months. Bethesda will dedicate the right space to the RPG

Bethesda and Xbox will return on January 25, 21:00with an event dedicated entirely to select Xbox Game Studios titles in development. Among these we will not find Starfield, which will receive a dedicated insight into a separate eventwhere Bethesda will immerse us in what Todd Howard himself defined as the most ambitious game ever developed by the software house.

The confirmation comes from the official Twitter channel of Bethesda Italia. “To spend the right amount of time discovering what’s new to #Starfield in depth, we are working on a program dedicated to this titlereads the page’s Tweet. An obvious choice, aimed at giving the right space to the titles already present in the conference, and at giving due importance to the most important exclusive Xbox game of this beginning of the generation.

Unfortunately Bethesda has not communicated a date for the event in question. However, given that its release is scheduled for the first half of 2023the event should theoretically be broadcast between February and Marchso as to start the mmarketing machine and accompany the launch of the game. Starfield will also be released after Redfall, so the date of the latter will also be essential to understand if the Bethesda game will be released for the first half of the year or if it will be postponed to November.


In the meantime, we remind you that new details on the Bethesda project emerged during the beginning of December. Todd Howard has confirmed that the game will have survival components but won’t be overly punishingand that a possible Survival mode could arrive post-launch. The game will boast 1,000 planets, all made with a focus on being unique.

Source: Twitter