Declining users for eSports, the details released by a new analysis

After the farewell to the restrictions due to the pandemic, eSports has been shaken by a decline in users. A new study explains it.

In early November, a graph shared by JustWatch revealed that League of Legends had aroused more interest than the women’s european championship and of NBA, boasting a higher number of views. The pandemic has undoubtedly contributed to the growth of eSportsat the moment the situation has changed and with no restrictions in place, the popularity of eSports in Europe has halved.

The numbers that emerged from the study speak for themselves Let’s Play for the 2022 conducted by Deloitte Technology And Interactive Software Federation of Europe which saw the presence of more than 50 expertsmarket trends: these analyzed ben’s habits 14,000 users across Europe, focused on eSports.

ESports are also particularly popular in Italy: the country is in fact in third place.

From the analysis conducted, the Poland it is in first place among the nations for the diffusion of esports, followed by Spain which, however, boasts a greater overall number of regular spectators. In third place instead we find Italy: 24% of users claimed to have seen at least one themed event in six months, only 8% but it does it regularly.

The drop in audience was to be expected, he explains Frances Tagliapietramedia & telecommunications leader of Deloitte Technology:

Between 2020 and 2021, 15% of users said they followed esports at least once a week, while in 2022 the percentage dropped to 8%. The lockdown has undoubtedly contributed to the diffusion and greater knowledge of the phenomenon.

Users are attracted by the freely available content made available, in fact the percentage of viewers who then make purchases related to eSports is about 10%. Obviously, in Spain where these are more popular, people have more incentive to spend money, in fact it is there Spain the country with the highest rate of paying consumers. As for other sports, also in this case the expenses incurred for players and employees are particularly high, in fact they arrive at 45% of costs totals. Precisely for this reason, companies aim to build even more solid foundations and to propose increasingly attractive offers.