Decision: Red Daze – the review

The culture zombie has now invaded the videogame world and there are so many titles that refer to this genre. All linked a bit by the same plot, with a virus that turns human beings into ravenous creaturesa survived (or a group) and one community to be rebuilt. Many titles that have managed to (more or less) leave a mark tangible in the players; we think of games like The Last of Us, Days GoneDying Light, State of Decay, Project Zomboid7 Days to Die (and these are just a few). Unfortunately, however, there are just as many titles that end in pile and they fail to emerge and this is the impression we got with Decision: Red Daze. A game that mixes RPG, tower-defense and survival, developed by independent studios FlyAnvil And Nordcurrent labswhich fails to assert itself due to several problems which made the experience anything but unforgettable.

Nothing new…

The plot is something you’ve already heard of, a classic story of zombie epidemics. We play a any characterhas no background and your only one task is to carry out the missions as a member of a small community; to build defenses, plunder And to find the necessary equipment for keep alive your companions. A mysterious virusthe Red Daze, that turned ordinary people into zombie, but not the classic ones, they are zombies who are also able to use weapons and fight. The frame is the classic panorama post-apocalyptic and an outpost in the middle of nowhere serving as the last bastion.

Let’s say we weren’t particularly impressed but this is not necessarily a bad thing, this genre is very exploited and saturated, which is now also difficult to propose a plot that is truly original.

Decision: Red Daze

Sore Notes: Gameplay

The first mishap in our experience, it showed up at the time of the first fights. Assuming that there are no particular key combinations, we are at a much higher level RPG with simple click of mouse and directional keys to move your character. Actions are a lot simpleone click to execute the normal attacka long click with subsequent release to execute a powerful attack; the other movements are limited to somersault with the space bar and at click. All very static it must be said, but this is not the only problem. Unfortunately the reply of commands is enough lackingthe click to attack Not it proved itself at all responsive causing a big frustration in fact, during a fight, our survivor seemed to be blocked and despite pressing (almost compulsive) the response to the counterattack always came later.

In our view such a thing mine the whole experience of game because it becomes almost impossible enjoying a game and also when we get hold of a more interesting weapon, like accept itthe baseball bat, a pistol or a shotgun, we didn’t feel that joy in taking out our enemies and often we were forced to refold to try to land a few hits.

Other aspect (bothersome) found, are i dips sudden of frame-rate which went down abruptly, slowing down even at inopportune moments, compromising the very enjoyment of the game.

Decision: Red Daze


As said at the beginning, Decision: Red Daze mixes a series of genres (survival, tower defense, rpg and component exploratory) which in itself, was an idea indeed Interesting and ambitious. The basics of crafting and of style games are not badly congenital; you have your own weapons, each with their own statics, a survivor from boost up and to grow in the role of boss. We will in fact have one energy barone resistence and one of advancement of level (exp. points). Just following the melting-pot of styles that characterizes it the aim of the game is to stick up for your outpost. You will not be alone, you will have other survivors by your side who will fight by your side and you will have to find others if you want your group to progress, it will be necessary to collect resources and materials, to build defense turrets, upgrading buildings and equipment. At some point, however, it begins the invasion by a horde of enemies who want to destroy your fortress; in this case the battle is quite exciting, were it not for the unresponsive commands. An interesting point is the part exploratory where (albeit nothing exaggerated) you can turn freely for the map, except the red areas where the large hordes are concentrated which will probably take you out in no time.

We mentioned the bars of life, stamina and level advancement. Unfortunately, this is another Note sore; the bar of the resistence really limited and every ten minutes we find ourselves with our survivor who needs to to sleep. A frequency rather annoying that not only breaks the live of the game too many times, but it forces us to go back to the camp during a phase of exploration or confrontation with the enemies.

Another aspect that Not we have appreciated was the AI, which is by no means the best, especially when it is they recruit other survivors that instead of following you, they wander on their own and then join you later, launching also towards hordes of enemies alone and then remain motionless and suffer the beating or react after a few seconds. Returning to the recruiting system, we have two options: bring them to a base to help them defend it, or create a squad elite to fight enemies.

In general the game could also be enjoyable, it presents an interesting level of challenge that pushes to advance our group and the survivor, increasing his skills. However, this is not enough for a title that suffers a lot of certain problems and, even in this case, Decision: Red Daze needs “some” adjustment.

Decision: Red Daze

Technically speaking …

Decision: Red Daze leaves a lot to be desired in the ward graphic, even if that’s not really what he wants to aim for. Apart from the stylization of the characters from design Very basic (that remember a bit X-COM: enemy unknown, in style at least) I prefer to appreciate however the sensation from desolation together with a mood gloomy and dark, but let’s say nothing that comes close to that wow effect. Even the sound manages to make a contribution e keeps that post-apocalyptic tone, and indeed it strengthens it, with a set of sounds environmentalmanaging to confer a depth greater to experience of the gamer.

Even the level of dubbing and of good workmanship, with voices that adapt well to the context and the characters, and not too repetitive. As already mentioned however, it is not enough the good work in terms of sound and dubbing. As already explained in the paragraphs above, Decision: Red Daze is afflicted from different problems, at least in the current state of the game; would be desirable a patch trying to correct a whole series of bias that make the gaming experience frustrating and not at all satisfying.