Death Stranding, a short film was canceled due to the pandemic

What the story of Death Stranding 2 had been rewritten after the pandemic is news that Hideo Kojima he shared on the same night he officially unveiled the game. In an interview with IGN Francein which the developer talks about his future projects in general, there is room for some other gems regarding the sequel to the game starring Norman Reedus.

Death Stranding, the Covid-19 has closed some doors and has opened others

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has shut down and isolated billions of people, bore several similarities to the dystopian future depicted in Death Stranding. The same couriers who delivered the goods purchased through e-commerce, when it was not possible to leave the house due to the lockdown, were not very different from Sam Porter bridges.

On the evening of The Game Awards, Kojima explained that experiencing a real pandemic and the consequent isolation led him to change, indeed to rewrite, the story of Death Stranding 2. “Fictional products change when something this big happens in the world“, he reiterated in the new interview. “When something happens that no one thought was actually possible, fictional works written before become less effective in terms of entertainment. That’s why I also completely rewrote the themes for Death Stranding 2. You can’t pretend something this big never happened.

But the pandemic has not only been the bearer of new ideas for the story of Death Stranding 2. Among the many problems and slowdowns it has caused, Kojima reports the cancellation of a short film that his studio was working on.

There was also talk of a short film, but it was shelved due to the pandemic. It’s a script I wrote that we intended to release as a video. I had thought of making a short film as a first experience in Hollywood and the script still exists, but for the moment we no longer intend to continue in this direction“.

Not bad, given that instead of a short film we now have confirmation of the collaboration with Hammerstone Studios to make a complete film adaptation of Death Stranding. In any case, it is nice to see how the project immediately opened up to drifts that went beyond the first video game and that we will be able to experience in the near future both on our consoles and in front of cinema screens.

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