Death Stranding 2 is in the works, confirmation from Norman Reedus

As taken from VGC and reported by Norman Reedus on the pages of Leo Edit, Death Stranding 2 will happenas Kojima Productions is currently working on the next game.

There are currently no details regarding the experience, since the actor has only confirmed the fact that the project exists, speaking to the actual of how “Work on the second chapter has just begun“. We are now talking about over two years since the debut of the first game, with Reedus therefore who may have started the motion capture phase, which therefore anticipates that everything could already be proceeding at full speed.

As reported by VGC, Reedus also talked about how he got into the franchise, with Guillermo Del Toro telling him to simply say yes to when Kojima offered him a job. When the actor was in San Diego, the game designer showed up with a large group of people and presented the project of Silent Hillswho bewitched Reedus because of the realistic nature of everything, with the latter who then ended up working on the first Death Stranding in the title role: Sam Porter.

In March 2020 there was talk of how Reedus was considering the start of a new project with Kojima, while in August 2021 the actor talked about how he thought Death Stranding 2 would come sooner or later. At the moment we are waiting to find out more details on everything, hoping that they will have the opportunity to present themselves over the next few months thanks to an official reveal of the new game from Kojima Productions.

Meanwhile, rumors relating to the next Silent Hill continue to appear, with several projects that in some cases could see the involvement of Hideo Kojima. We have deepened everything in the article that you find at this link.