Death Stranding 2 is already in development. Norman Reedus confirmed this

Death Stranding

Death Stranding 2 has been a topic of discussion for 2 years now. Although neither Hideo Kojima nor Sony Interactive Entertainment have officially announced it, this name manages for one reason or another to make a comeback, and the case seems to repeat itself. This time, however, with a damn valid reason: Norman Reedus confirmed its existence.

No, we are not exaggerating. In an interview granted to a foreign newspaper, Norman Reedus talked about this and that, with The Walking Dead as the main topic of discussion. Between one question and another, the journalist deviated on the involvement that Reedus has in the videogame world and on his future projects, both television and videogames.

And it is here that the actor, in addition to reiterating that he is at work on the spin-off of The Walking Dead centered on his character, confirmed to be working on Death Stranding 2. “We have just started”the actor said, thus giving credit to those rumors about the actor’s renewal.


Norman Reedus explained how he got in touch with Hideo Kojima, also admitting a certain skepticism before the latter presented him with the project of the never completed Silent Hills. “Guillermo Del Toro, the one who made me debut in the world of cinema, called me saying:” Hey, there’s a guy called Hideo Kojima, he’ll call you, you just say yes “explains Reedus.

“To which I asked, ‘What do you mean just’ yes’?” and he said to me: “stop being a bitch, you just say yes”. Then I went to San Diego and here I met Hideo Kojima, he was with a big group of people. He’s from Tokyo, and he showed me the project he was working on, a game called Silent Hill. “

“I was stunned by what he was showing me, and I was like ‘Yeah, let’s do this.’ He’s not Ms. Pacman, he’s so realistic, so futuristic, so complicated and wonderful, and I was totally ecstatic “. Reedus then moved on to the Death Stranding discourse, explaining how it took them about 3 years to complete all Motion Capture sessions.

Source: Nibellion