Dealer’s Life 2 Now Available!

Dealer's Life 2

Dealer’s Life 2 is now available on steam!

Here’s a detailed list of all the new things Dealer’s Life 2 contains compared to the first one :

  • Overall graphics improvement
  • 20 new avatars: you can choose to be whomever you want! Every avatar has its own skills set so choose wisely
  • 700+ items: from yachts to candlesticks, from swords to action figures… you name it, we have it
  • Infinite customers: now with improved procedural generation, you’ll encounter countless different customers, each with their own name, characteristics and wonderful appearance
  • Pawned items: a pawned item can be paid a fraction of its price and the item’s owner could get it back after a while by settling the loan, but if the owner does not show up you’ve got a nice new item at a very low price
Dealer's Life 2 Character
Dealer’s Life 2 Character
  • Stolen items: if you happen to get your hands on a stolen item you’d better sell it real quick if you don’t want troubles with local police.
  • Fake and replica items: fake items can now be converted into replicas. A replica item is a lot less valuable than a fake item but selling it won’t affect your reputation at all. Will you pay the price to stay clean?
  • 100+ new encounters: funny events, strange situations, crazy deals! It’s unlikely you’ll manage to see all of them in a single game
  • 11 new special characters: from shady guys to famous collectors, every character will be a surprise!
  • Random events: anything can happen but you decide! Every event has choices to take but sometimes a specific skill or employee could really make the difference
  • Quests: many kinds of missions and challenges to face
  • Overarching story: from the suburbs to the top of the sky, the whole story!
  • Reputation based events: keep an eye on your reputation since different things could happen if you’re an honest dealer or a criminal
  • Bank: a place where you can ask for loans or invest money
  • Item Catalogue: a new section where you can unlock and collect every single item of the game and read interesting anecdotes about real items and collectors
Dealer's Life 2 Cinema Hall
Dealer’s Life 2 Cinema

Here is the steam Link for Dealer’s Life 2.